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Loyal fan of JJLin,Show Luo and SHINee <3 i am totally insane when it come to a time when i can be insane. The Choice Is Yours.The limits you set yourself establish the perimeters for you own existance.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010 @ 6:32 PM

sorry ppls i will be moving back to tumblr cas finally it cn post pics :D
and i wont delete this blog :D
however my tumblr does not have a tag board so feel free to tag at my blogger blog
:D thank u
Sunday, June 6, 2010 @ 11:15 PM
SUPER DUPER FUNTASTIC :D ...yesterday was so awesome
i was at pearlyn's and still now
we were doing homeworkk and watching moviies :D i am glad i completed some of my homework...
hardcore studying frm 10-12.30 and2pm-5pm hardworking rite ?
then we watched case 39 it was super stupid(i cant say scary,u watch the movie and will know why.) i dk why kinda freaked me out.haha all of us were soo paranoid like suddenly will shock u lols than aunt ssay dun watch dun watch but we stopped her tough its scary...retarded damn thrilling i like :D
then we went night cycling at east coast :D
update more ltr nid study....
Friday, June 4, 2010 @ 5:30 AM
band camp over le...sian
today had amaths remidal...i was really ethu at first....still go in front sit lols but 5hours of amaths is definately too much my enthuness died off after the break which i ate a lot ....ah shan too :D we'r racoon's fat girls :Dcool
we surely deserved a cerfiticate of"completing 4 and a half hours of amaths lesson"
ok than after remidal the band members in 3e1 went to eat pecked lunch i am still laughing over how ethan was maked fun of by fareed ... ok his name is ethan peck. so fareed said to ethan "have you ETHAN your PECKED lunch?"lols than u will c ethan's disburbed look -.- BAND CAMP WAS TOTALLY AWESOME=WONDERFUL BAND MEMBERS+LOTS OF LAUGHTER I SIMPLY LOVE BAND :D they are super hyped up and crazy! but sensible and friendly :D lots of fun seeing them play ...haha sabrina always "bully" darren so damn hilarious and u will c jamie calling wen bin 'ah girl' amalina laughter is contagious,nolvin's weird acts and many more
Thursday, June 3, 2010 @ 5:52 AM
this week really busy rushing frm band to remidals to band again...
but nevertheless it was fun ...at least for me
band camp going on smoothly now vry fun :D well i did managed to bong with the band members more esp the sec ones .i will update more the nxt time...
seeing the band members play was damn hilarious i kept laughing like a siao zhabor lols amalina too.tomoreo is the last day of band camp .... T.T
and amaths remidal
end............ 2weeks and 2days more till perth!
Wednesday, May 26, 2010 @ 8:08 AM
band meeting

today had band meeting
we discussed quite a number of things and yar everything almost done...(case sensitive)
the meeting is quite fun espicially with the cranky bandmates <3
FUN PEOPLES :D and super crazy.....hyper....
me(photograher) ,nolvin,ethan,and weifang were nt in the pic
@ 7:37 AM
today received the master shedule for my june holiday activities
a maths remidal on mon and fri
chemistry on wed
band on mon,wed,thurs,fri(band camp)
wat else? countless of opening rehersals and lots of homework.
take time out to practise clarinet and piano.
many more crap
go watch this ok nice


seriously i am so going for his encore concert if have :D
i really hope so cause i nvr c his concert for abt 2-3 years...
yar his first concert was awesome. i am sure time will be awesomer (what eng is that?)
anyway he say most likely there will be a second concert :)(big smiles)
i despo to see him play drums live...and speak english lols vry cute

ok end here tomoro parents meeting die.....my parents gonna meet mdm chin....speechless
Monday, May 24, 2010 @ 5:36 AM
if you will kindly stop thinking that the world will only revolve you,many of us would appriciate it .
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